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At TrueFacet, we understand that the decision to purchase pre-owned jewelry and watches over the internet can feel risky.  These are significant purchases, and as a buyer, you need to have comfort that you are getting fair value for your money. TrueFacet therefore promises that if you are not fully satisfied with the authenticity of your purchase, TrueFacet will be here to help you and work with the seller of the item to accept a return of the item and refund your money back. Before an item goes live on the TrueFacet marketplace, we are processing it through our system and looking for flags that could deem an item inauthentic. These flags include pricing, text in the description, and other areas assessed.  We also monitor sellers to see if they have been flagged before or have sold products that were not up to quality. We filter these sellers out, but if you ever purchase anything that you deem to be inauthentic or not up to quality, contact us and we’ll help you with the seller. If TrueFacet believes that an item is not authentic, we will cancel the transaction, refund your money, and return the item to the seller, while flagging the seller for further review. If TrueFacet believes that an item is authentic, the transaction will proceed, and you will receive a TrueFacet Digital Report where we stand behind to help you if there is an issue and work to get you a return and refund back.

TrueFacet is not partnered or affiliated with any of the brands for the items available on the TrueFacet site, unless otherwise noted. TrueFacet is partnered with brands in the TrueFacet Brand Boutique and also as part of the TrueFacet Certified Pre-owned Program where TrueFacet has official partnerships with these brands. You receive a new warranty direct from the brand in both these programs.  TrueFacet is a marketplace allowing owners of jewelry and watches to re-sell them to buyers. However, when necessary or advisable, TrueFacet cooperates fully with brands to prevent counterfeiting. This assistance may include revealing contact information of sellers who TrueFacet believes are offering inauthentic or counterfeit items. All trademarks appearing on the TrueFacet site are the property of their respective owners.